Installing Adobe Air



For ubuntu / linux mint or equivalent OS follow the instructions provided here:


For Arch linux, install adobe-air-sdk from the AUR:


see the "install packages" section of the following link for instruction on

how to install packages from AUR



Installing Bosca ceoil



For ubuntu / linux mint or equivalent OS, download and run the .air package to install Bosca ceoil, if the air package is not automatically associated with Adobe Air, you can install it with the utility "Adobe Air Application Installer" in

/opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0


For Arch linux, download and extract the tar.gz package, then run the application with the following command:


/opt/adobe-air-sdk/bin/adl -nodebug <path-to-boscaceoil>/share/META-INF/AIR/application.xml <path-to-boscaceoil>/share/


If you have any trouble running Bosca ceoil (missing 32-bit dependencies for example), try installing the dependencies of the adobe sdk package manually (see the aur link for the dependencies list)



yaourt -Sa lib32-gcc-libs


some libs can require a downgrade, in this case, use the following commands:


yaourt downgrade


downgrade <name of the lib>


more information here:


Audio delay



If you have some audio delay when using Bosca ceoil, use the script to fix it, run it from the bin/ folder of Bosca ceoil (by default /opt/Boscaceoil/bin). Don't hesitate to edit the script and change the PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC value. See for more dicussion on this issue.











Bosca Ceoil for Linux is maintained by Damien L.
boscaceoil_v2_linux.air boscaceoil_v2_linux.tar.gz